Private Sector



As a consulting, staffing and implemntation services provider , our consultants have worked for various IT departments in private sector which includes industries such as Retail , Banking, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Power and Communications. We have expertise in collaborating with all levels of management, PMO as well as IT resources. Our focus has always been client satisfaction with onsite and offsite models proposed for better customer service. SG has proven methodology in place to guide our private sector clients in assessing their current systems and processes to propose solutions based on industry best practices. We ensure our expertise of consultants is on par with the current trends in the IT industry. SG has been in the IT consulting practice for the past 15 years and our consultants come from various education and ethnic backgrounds.We pride in taking challenges and building soultions that our clients love to hear and implement.We do not propose solutions based on what the other IT firms are proposing in the industry, rather we perform an onsite analysis of the client systems at a granular level that is comfortable and acceptable for each client. We recommend our solutions for a good ROI that benefits the client within stipulated budgets and schedule.

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