Microfocus / HP Products


HP Applications Implementation We have the expertise and ability to implement the following HP applications from implementation till support.

  1. Microfocus/HP Application Lifecycle Management
  2. Microfocus/HP Performance Center
  3. Microfocus/HP Service Virtualization
  4. Microfocus/HP Unified Functional Testing suite

We do an initial review of your current requirements and follow up with an implementation strategy that surpasses many of the industry best practices. How we implement is on par with the major companies in the industry, however we have the integrity discipline and man power to achieve the client’s goals within the stipulated time and cost. We ensure clients 100% satisfaction during and after the implementation is complete. You as a customer have the choice to choose us as a software support partner if you wish at the end of the implementation. Our cost for support is based on the service requirement of the customer, which varies with the level of support contract signed for. We meet or exceed of SLA’s during and after the implementation. Software Support services offered by Stafford Global would benefit you at a fraction when compared with the major players in the industry. We commit to our customers from day 1 of the support contract as this would establish a mutually agreeable time frames on what get done and what can be deferred. We establish a cohesive relationship with our clients, their Management and employees alike.

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ITIL & QA Processes


ITIL has been adopted by thousands of organizations worldwide, including NASA, Microsoft and HSBC. ITIL advocates that IT services are aligned to the needs of the business and support its core processes. It provides guidance to organizations and individuals on how to use IT as a tool to facilitate business change, transformation and growth. We implement all ITIL processes based on industry best practices. Please contact us with your specific requirements, so we can understand your implementation requirements.

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