Software Quality Assurance Tester

  Job Description

This position is responsible for software quality assurance efforts to implement the testing of several types of applications, including web-based, desktop, enterprise, and back-office applications in a dynamic and Agile Development lifecycle environment. This will be achieved through manual testing and also through automation development activities.

  Must have good knowledge/training of ADO .NET, .Net MVC and Entity Framework.

Develop detailed requirements documentation of future MS .Net / MVC framework landscape, application systems and web development (custom development) roadmap.
Provide administration, maintenance and deployment support during user testing and production release.
Develops and executes test automation scripts for a variety of complex systems (client/server, web based, web services, data driven, etc.) in a rapid, agile environment.
   Writes automated scripts based on working manually executable test cases.
   Reviews requirements for testability and traces automation test cases back to requirements.
Evaluates the quality of the application under test through the review, analysis, and summarization of test results from developed scripts. Effectively communicates test results with project team and leadership.
   Works with developers to integrate automated tests with builds and test environments.
Contributes to an evolving automation strategy that continually defines best practices for tools, processes, methodologies, measurements, and procedures for execution of tests.
   Establishes automation metrics, proposes and develops standard automation test methods.
   Knowledge of different phases in testing is preferred (unit, system,integration and Performance testing)
   Good verbal and written communication skills in English are required



  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or) Engineering




Minimum of two years of Manual and Automated software testing experience is required. Must be able to demonstrate hands-on experience beyond record and play in automation.


Required Education

  Must hold a Bachelors degree in Engineering (any major) with a minimum of B+ grade
  Must have completed a professional training course in .Net , ASP , Visual studio IDE environment.
  Must be knowledgeable with working in different databases like Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server etc.


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